The Sanguine Personality Type

If you’re an extrovert, then you have the so called Sanguine personality. These people are optimists and talkers. For those who want to learn more about this personality, read on and you will find out about your strengths and weaknesses.


Being talkative has its advantages. You can easily liven up a party with your presence because of your ‘storyteller’ attitude. With your appealing personality, you can easily attract others and make friends. Many people will admire you for your sense of humor, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm.

People with this type of personality volunteers for certain jobs and helps in creating new activities; they can instantly inspire others to work and join the fun. It’s no longer a surprise that Sanguine people have many friends. They basically love people and don’t hold grudges. If they commit a mistake, they will readily apologize.

If you have this type of personality, you can be a great parent. The home will have a fun atmosphere and you can develop ‘friendship’ with your children. Even your children’s friends will love your company. Amidst the disaster, you will still find humor. The child in your is always at work.

These are among the strengths of someone with the Sanguine personality. Despite the strengths, you also have to know about the weaknesses. Read on to find out.


As a compulsive talker, you will often elaborate and exaggerate stories which can scare others away. You are naïve, always complaining, angered easily, and speaks loudly. With your restless energy, others won’t be able to keep up with you.

At work, Sanguine people prefer to talk a lot and tend to forget their obligations. Their confidence also disappears instantly and their decisions are based primarily on feelings. You probably don’t want to be alone and makes excuses. You are forgetful and fickle which makes others hate you.

As a parent, the home is frenzy and disorganized. When there are arguments, you tend to be one-sided and you also tend to forget important appointments.

Sanguine people are focused and centered. The only time you find them silent is when they are asleep! It’s great to be fun loving and always full of bright ideas but the real problem is that you don’t ‘follow through’. With this weakness, problems may arise at work, at home, and even with friends.

No one is perfect and if you have this personality, you can always make a commitment so that you can follow through. You can do this by focusing on at last two activities. You have to do your best to avoid distractions. Aside from that, you also need to appreciate your inner self. There’s more to life than just pure fun and humor. Everything you do should have meaning. Find worthy activities that you can support like charity. Having depth is vital as a person and if you don’t want to scare off others, you need to learn to appreciate their good sides. The Sanguine personality has strengths and weaknesses but it’s up to you to become a better person.