The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Whether you’re at work, in the local community, or at home, you won’t be misunderstood especially if you know that you have the Phlegmatic personality. It’s very important that other people understand your behavior and personality in order to foster effective communication. Among the emotions that you constantly display are relaxed, easy going, consistent, kind, sympathetic, witty, and quiet, collected, cool, and calm. However, you also should be aware that negative emotions can also dominate you like being unenthusiastic, worried, fearful, indecisive, selfish, avoids responsibility, reticent, too shy, too compromising, and self righteous.

Once you have a family of your own, you can be a good parent. You tend to give your children enough time and you’re not hurrying unlike others. You are also not easily upset. However, since you usually take life easily, you tend to be lax with the children and so the home becomes disorganized.

As a person with this kind of personality, you are steady and competent in the workplace. Your co-employees will find you agreeable, peaceful, and even has the capability of managing administrative positions. You can mediate problems to avoid conflicts. Regardless of the pressure at work, you can still perform your duties and responsibilities well. still, you need to correct some negative attitudes like being careless, lazy, not self motivated or goal oriented, don’t want to be pushed, and tends to discourage others. These are the worst things that a Phlegmatic personality can do at work.

Since you’re pleasant, enjoyable, and inoffensive, you can make a lot of friends in a short time. You are a good listener, has concern, compassion, and sense of humor. There is no wonder that you have a wide circle of friends. You might have noticed that you judge others easily, resists change, stays uninvolved, and dampens enthusiasm. These are some negative traits that you need to correct or you will lose your friends.

Like other personalities, a Phlegmatic person has strengths and weaknesses. It is vital that you study your personality carefully so that you can evaluate which aspects need improvement. These are the general traits possessed by someone with this kind of personality but it doesn’t mean that you exhibit them all. Some traits are visible but some are just waiting to be developed. Hopefully, you can control your negative traits so that you can be a more productive person but then again, no one is perfect.

With this knowledge, you have the opportunity correct your bad traits and develop further your good points. There are times when you find yourself overindulging on the negative side but with the right knowledge, you can be back on track once more. Basically, you possess traits that can easily attract others and so winning friends is not a problem. You simply have to let go of your selfishness and self righteousness to keep long lasting friends.

Study the Phlegmatic personality so that you will know what to do. Everyday, you are also going to deal with various kinds of individuals. There is a need to enhance your good points and try to curtail your negative traits.

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